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Stunning Design

We strive to give you affordable web design services for you to display to your clients and be proud. We won’t settle for less.

Affordable Marketing Solutions

We have a wide range of affordable marketing solutions and techniques to help you evolve and have a strong online presence.

Our Guarantee

We are obsessed with meeting our clients deadlines for web design and exceeding expectations for our online marketing results.

We Provide Affordable Online Marketing Solutions

We are a passionate about helping our clients achieve their online goals.

MJ Marketing is simply Awesome

Our success is based off our clients succees. You succeeding online is all that matters to us. When this happens we believe we are doing an amazing job. Customer support is something we take very seriously, providing out of this world customer support is a must.


Fully Responsive Design

Having a responsive website simply means your website can be viewed on every screen imaginable such as smart phones, tablets, ipad, small or large computer screens. We design your website so you and your customers can view your website without having to alter the browser to make it bigger or smaller. It is essential to have a fully responsive website and is one important factor in ranking your website when doing SEO.

Better experience for your customers
Easier to manage your website
Google recommends having a responsive website
Best option for your SEO strategy
More people use their mobile devices than anything

Powerful SEO

What do you think a potential customer does to find you? Pick up a phone book and go through the list? Maybe 10 to 15 years ago they did. Nowadays they will go on Google and type in a search term pertaining to your business and do a search, whoever comes up is who your potential customer is more likely to choose. We specialize in getting you seen by your customers because if you don’t come up in those search engine results for your targeted keywords, you aren’t’t getting the exposure your competitors are  because they do not see your company.

SEO is cost effective
Your competitors are doing it
Organic search may result in over 64% of all website visits
SEO leads tend to have a higher close rate
Inbound marketing methods result in more leads than outbound
Ranking high in local search results to increased visits and sales
The majority of customers research products or services before purchasing

Affordable Social Media Marketing



So many people are active on Social Media nowadays. On average people check their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts 3 to 4 times per day. Think of how many times your ad will show to these potential customers through paid advertising mediums. Think about how many people can see your company and the amount of exposure you could get just off social media. SMO will be a big asset to your online marketing portfolio.

Amazing Graphic Design for your business

Graphic design is important to every business. We see graphic design every where we look, newspapers, packages, branding, posters, websites etc. Some of our services include:

Logo Design
Image editing
All aspects of photoshop
Business cards and flyer design
Poster and Brochure design

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Why Choose Us?

There are numerous reasons to choose us. Here’s a list of some of them:

Out of this world customer support 24/7
No Money Down *conditions apply*
Dedicated project manager
Proven results with customer testimonials
No shortage of web designers and marketers to take on any size project
Remarkable turnaround times
We own and operate our domain registration and web hosting company
We build and market our sites with the latest technology and follow the latest Google guidelines
Custom Footer settings, colors, columns, content
We actually care about you and your success online